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Dec 7, 2013 7:45pm EST
for the city. your view? >> wow. >> ha! [laughter] >> wow. okay. so let's go back a bit. so i met michelle, we met her for the book when she was chancellor, and a lovely lady, forthcoming with the beliefs and that stuff, so here's the reality. you're going to think i'm dancing around your question, and maybe i am, but -- [laughter] if -- a lot of the ground breaking work that's caused the research to happen over the last ten years has been by those vanguard tfa alumni that broke the system and done it their own way whether it's kip or we can go on with the list; right? they have actually created the tendency. that mentality of shattering the room and i'm going to start over and i'm going to do it differently and see what works, that's caused us to have the moment that we have here now where we do have the information, and that meant that rebellious rogue kind of mentality caused change, and it has caused all of the evidence that we have today, so i have -- i'm -- i don't want to weigh in on the politics of it all of, you know, did she go too far, did she hand 8 it in the politically right way,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1